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How to Sell Cyber Security Insurance

Maximize revenue by learning to discuss cyber security insurance in a simple, conversational manner with your clients.

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“How to Sell Cyber Security Insurance” is a course created by Cyber Insurance Education that is specifically designed for insurance professionals to help them educate prospective customers, improve protection for their current clients and take advantage of an emerging market.

Certification is provided upon completion of the course.

This Course Will Teach You:

  • How to protect yourself from potential legal problems arising from a failure to introduce cyber insurance to your clients.
  • The cyber challenges your clients face.
  • The mind of a hacker.
  • What your competition is doing wrong.
  • Target markets: who to pitch to.
  • How to effectively pitch your clients.
  • How to deal with common objections.
  • How to use provocative questions to get your clients thinking.
  • How to use real world cyber stories to persuade your clients.

What Does the Course Include?

  • 100% Online – No textbooks, study guides or extra purchases necessary.
  • A certification test ensures graduates have acquired knowledge and are prepared to speak to clients about the basics of cyber insurance.
  • Video tutorials supplement written course materials.
  • Graduation resources include further education, cyber risk analytical tools and marketing & sales materials.
  • Forum access to continue building knowledge and expertise within the cyber insurance community.
  • Direct email access to a network of cyber insurance experts.
  • Tips, cyber blogs and updated resources to help agencies with their marketing and cyber risk insurance practice.

Introducing Course Creator and Instructor Danny Pehar

Danny Pehar has been in the cyber security industry for more than 15 years, selling and developing multimillion-dollar cyber security projects across North America.

In 2011, Danny redefined the cyber security industry by changing the way it’s explained and understood through his one-of-a-kind training style.

Danny is a bestselling author and uses his own Executive Storytelling Formula to successfully instruct organizations on how to maximize revenue by understanding and selling cyber security.

Danny has spoken on the topic of cyber security to multiple industries and has worked with organizations such as AON, Microsoft, TD Bank, and Zayo. He is President & Co-Founder of Cyber Insurance Education.

Interested in selling cyber security insurance?

Maximize revenue by learning to discuss cyber security insurance in a simple, conversational manner with your clients.